Copy writing - We write copy for marketing pieces - letters, brochures, and websites. The first time we met one of our regular customers he asked for copy like poetry. As a realtor, he had enough of the cute and cozy house descriptions, and wanted better writing. We delivered, and worked with him for years ghost writing his marketing letters, real estate listings, and websites. Request a custom quote.

Site Building & Maintenance - We charge a $150 set up fee, and $100 per page to build your site. The set up fee includes purchasing your domain. We use Yola to host your site, as it is affordable and has lots of tools and is super user friendly. This is best for you in case you want to host and maintain your site yourself ... and we'll even teach you how to maintain your site if you're up to it. That way you can make changes, add pages, or completely change the look and feel of your site without spending an extra dime. 

Custom Storyboard Animations - Provide us with your general concept and your graphics - and we'll do the rest. Whether you want a video to explain a process, advertise your business, or promote your services - we can help. You'll have an opportunity to see your video before its finished, because we want and need your input. 

Editing - We edit web copy and blogs. Compelling prose keeps your site visitors on your site and increases your company's credibility. Request a custom quote.

Newsletters & Blogs - Regular contact with your customers will keep them interested in doing business with you. The beauty of the web is that online businesses can attract and engage potential customers virtually 24 hours a day. Request a custom quote.

Submit an inquiry or request an invoice through our Contact Form. We'll send you a written price quote and explanation of our policies. All payments are final. All payments are in advance.