Copy writing - We write copy for marketing pieces - letters, brochures, and websites. The first time we met one of our regular customers he asked for copy like poetry. As a realtor, he had enough of the cute and cozy house descriptions, and wanted better writing. We delivered, and have been ghost writing his marketing letters, real estate listings, and websites ever since.

Site Building & Maintenance - We carefully choose which projects we accept. After providing you with a detailed proposal which includes a description of the work and a time line, we'll set up a payment schedule. We break down fees for site set-up; building each page; and ongoing site maintenance. We help you choose a hosting company based on your budget; and will even teach you how to maintain your site if you're up to it.

Custom Banners & Logos - The same as good writing is good writing -- good design is good design. Over thirty years ago, when we first hung out our shingle as free lance graphic designers, the web wasn't yet born. We actually worked on the boards with T-squares and triangles. Technology has evolved -- design concepts have not.

Editing - We edit web copy and blogs. Compelling prose keeps your site visitors on your site and increases your company's credibility.

Newsletters & Blogs - Regular contact with your customers will keep them interested in doing business with you. The beauty of the web is that online businesses can attract and engage potential customers virtually 24 hours a day.